Worksnaps Readies New Web Application

Worksnaps is excited to pre-announce the launch of its brand-new web application.

We have been working hard on our new web application for months and we are getting very close to the Beta release. During the past couple of years of running Worksnaps, we have received a lot of feedback on our product, both postive and negative.
We appreciate both and take them seriously. The best way we feel to
understand the pulse of a business is to frequently talk with our customers. One of the more frequest requests is to make our web application more user friendly. We especially hear it from customers who manage large number of users and projects. Early this year, we commenced the redesign of the whole user interface. Now after months of iterations between design, development and testing, we have made the new web application ready for beta release. We believe that the new release will vastly improve usability and flexibility to manage projects and track time, ultimately leading to more efficiency.

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