Worksnaps Now Works with New Basecamp

Worksnaps has long been integrated with the original Basecamp (now called Basecamp Classic). We are happy to announce that Worksnaps now works with the new Basecamp. The new Basecamp was introduced by 37Signals earlier this year and is a completely redesigned version of the product. The last version of the product is now called Basecamp Classic.

One of the major changes of the new Basecamp is that it has a new set of API, which is not compatible with the Basecamp Classic API. The new API requires using OAuth2 to establish authentication. Worksnaps now has released a feature to integrate with the new Basecamp by using the new Basecamp API.

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Worksnaps to Present at Internet Summit 12

We are happy that Worksnaps has been selected to present and showcase its product at the 2012 Internet Summit. Worksnaps is one of the 16 startups chosen to present at the Startup Summit, a two-day mini-conference focused on technology startup companies improving the tech world. The 5th annual Internet Summit will be held at the downtown Raleigh Convention Center November 6-8 and there will be over 120 speakers this year discussing the most recent trends and topics in tech with over 2000 registered attendees.

During the conference, we hope to meet many fellow entrepreneurs, potential customers and partners to exchange ideas on how technology can improve our work places and qualify of life. Worksnaps has been providing an effective way for businesses to better manage their remote contractors, freelance developers, virtual assistants or any kind of workforce on demand. We are committed to serve our customers and we are proud to be endorsed by many of them. We see it evident that more and more work will be done in a distributed and global way. Worksnaps will continue to play a small yet important part of this eco-system.

We look forward to a great show!