How to Find Quality Remote Workers (Part II)

Which countries and areas should you look for quality remote countries? We wrote an earlier post more on processes needed and questions to consider related to remote workers. This is to be more data and visual driven, hopefully showing you pockets and areas that best align with your hiring interest.

To thrive in an ever-changing global economy this global hiring question will continue to gain in relevance. Those with a plan on the kinds of employees they want and a plan to go out and efficient acquire them will have a huge step ahead the competition. Personally, I’ve often asked myself this question many times. Typically I just look at individuals on larger freelance types of sites and not being as interested in the country that they are located in, but I’m just not crazy about paying that 10% fee that most take. So in lieu of that (or not) what are the best counties to place your eggs in? How would you even go about answering this type of question?

The first logical place to look at is where are the largest amounts of people, right? If you look at that here is what our world looks like now, an interesting map that skews the size of the country based on the population.

World Map


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