Freelancing for Students: Top Sites for Consideration

Freelancing is a complicated means to making money because basically, it’s self-employment. As some of you may know, this can be a challenging path to follow, especially when you’re juggling classes and meeting clients as well as the stresses of daily life. This, however, does not necessarily mean you have to give up on one or the other. It simply implies that you’re going to have to find a more effective way to get jobs. Luckily, there are dozens for sites that cater to your specific needs. Here are a few reviews of some general and specialized job sites. Continue reading


New Worksnaps Reporting: Chart and Calendar View

One drawback of working with spreadsheets is muddling through the data and trying to understand everything in confusing numbers and figures. The engineering team at Worksnaps have addressed this issue with a visual workaround, now available to all who are interested in fixing these problems of visualizing large amount of data. Worksnaps is excited to announce new reporting features to its existing suite of tools that are available to our clients. With these added reporting features, our clients are more easily able to keep up-to-date with their team’s performance and productivity.


The chart view is altogether a different kind of animal. This next reporting feature lets you quickly assimilate your team’s or an individual’s activity through the use of easy to understand charts. While using this reporting feature, the client is simultaneously shown three graphs. Each graph contains three different types of information. The bar chart shows you every team member’s number of minutes logged. This chart helps you zero in on individuals and their performance. The next chart, a pie chart, combines all the information in the first bar chart and then unifies it. This helps you compare see the performance of your team as a whole. The last chart, also a pie chart, summarizes your team’s offline and online minutes.

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Eat Your Way To A More Productive You

We’ve known for some time now that what we eat generally makes us to an extent what we are. Every human being is a biological system that is built and maintained by the basic types of fuel that we allow into our systems. We are unlike a mechanical machine though that has no say in the fuel that’s dumped into it. We all have a choice in the nutrition that we partake in. The diet that we build our lives on has a profound effect on us. Hence the saying, you are what you eat. According to Psychology Today, we have a chance of building a better version of ourselves all from the gut up. Eating right helps you work better, think better and play better. Here are some specific healthy choices that you might consider for working in a traditional office environment, out on the road, or one of the trendy new work from home (WFH) setups.

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How Your Workspace and Activities Can Affect Your Work Productivity

Clear head equals clear thinking leading to great work results. Keeping your work space free of clutter helps productivity. This does not mean that a work space should be limited strictly to the bare essentials. Having things around you that inspire or relax you do not only keep stress at bay but this also boosts creative thinking and thereby making you more productive. Here are some tips and tricks to organizing your work space to help you do your job happily and efficiently.

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Announcing Teamwork Integration

teamwork-integrationWe are excited to announce that Worksnaps now works with Teamwork, which is a highly popular team and project management system featuring updated designs, high end functionality, as well as easy to use applications. Teamwork easily works on most all devices and is becoming one of the most highly utilized applications to get work done all around the world. There are now over 100,000 Teamwork teams worldwide and over 1,000,000 projects running Continue reading

Mouse Over Zoom

We’ve made it now much easier for users to access screenshots. Simply mouse over the screen shot you are interested in seeing more detail of and instantly be provided a much larger preview of the image. Alternatively, just like before you can click on the blue magnifying glass to see the full version of the image.

Zoom Screenshot

Just another way to simply see the time that is being recorded with Worksnaps remote team management.

We look forward to your comments below if you appreciate this upgrade (or not).

How Remote Teams Save Money

Image Attibuted to Liquene

Are you considering starting and transitioning your company into a remote workforce? If so, this is the post for you. I’ll attempt to answer the following 3 questions that I often get regarding distributed companies:

  1. What are some of the challenges or hurdles I might face as a remote company?
  2. What technologies should I utilize in going global?
  3. And finally, how much money will I save as a remote company?

First off, it’s typically good practice to give people what they want. If you want a happy company then starting with happy employees is a good first step. This study from SodaHead shows that 70 percent of workers want to work from home. Why not give them what they want?

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How to Find Quality Remote Workers (Part II)

Which countries and areas should you look for quality remote countries? We wrote an earlier post more on processes needed and questions to consider related to remote workers. This is to be more data and visual driven, hopefully showing you pockets and areas that best align with your hiring interest.

To thrive in an ever-changing global economy this global hiring question will continue to gain in relevance. Those with a plan on the kinds of employees they want and a plan to go out and efficient acquire them will have a huge step ahead the competition. Personally, I’ve often asked myself this question many times. Typically I just look at individuals on larger freelance types of sites and not being as interested in the country that they are located in, but I’m just not crazy about paying that 10% fee that most take. So in lieu of that (or not) what are the best counties to place your eggs in? How would you even go about answering this type of question?

The first logical place to look at is where are the largest amounts of people, right? If you look at that here is what our world looks like now, an interesting map that skews the size of the country based on the population.

World Map


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Worksnaps Readies New Web Application

Worksnaps is excited to pre-announce the launch of its brand-new web application.

We have been working hard on our new web application for months and we are getting very close to the Beta release. During the past couple of years of running Worksnaps, we have received a lot of feedback on our product, both postive and negative.
We appreciate both and take them seriously. The best way we feel to
understand the pulse of a business is to frequently talk with our customers. One of the more frequest requests is to make our web application more user friendly. We especially hear it from customers who manage large number of users and projects. Early this year, we commenced the redesign of the whole user interface. Now after months of iterations between design, development and testing, we have made the new web application ready for beta release. We believe that the new release will vastly improve usability and flexibility to manage projects and track time, ultimately leading to more efficiency.

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