Freelancing for Students: Top Sites for Consideration

Freelancing is a complicated means to making money because basically, it’s self-employment. As some of you may know, this can be a challenging path to follow, especially when you’re juggling classes and meeting clients as well as the stresses of daily life. This, however, does not necessarily mean you have to give up on one or the other. It simply implies that you’re going to have to find a more effective way to get jobs. Luckily, there are dozens for sites that cater to your specific needs. Here are a few reviews of some general and specialized job sites.

Flinja was started by Victor Young, who is acting CEO of the company, with the intention of creating a stable job platform for young freelancers. USC was the first university to utilize Flinja’s potential, but as it stands, other universities eyeing the website. Potential clients can look through the database of student profiles when seeking out individuals with specific skill sets. These job offers range from DJ skills to professional translation services. Overall, this platform is massively effective when you need to build your own network.

Student Freelance follows a lot of the same principles Flinja follows, but it isn’t limited. The difference is that SF isn’t limited to a specific university; anyone from any school can can sign up. The same can be said for clients as well. The workforce in question is composed of very diligent students who are willing to prove their skills before demanding pay. However, that doesn’t mean they work pro bono; SF usually relegates the terms of payment between both parties.

While most of these sites are free, some companies do charge a small amount in order to post job offers. Student Gems allows students to create free profiles which act as a sort of portfolio. Individuals can post samples of their work and the site makes it very easy to pick out and display your skill set. For clients, each post comes at the price of £14.95. That isn’t a onetime payment; it’s for each and every offer you put on the site. When compared to the previous companies, this might be considered a con, but the money usually goes towards better security. What do you think, is it worthwhile to pay for this kind of service? Would love to read your comments below.

Certification Point does something a little different when it comes to job offers. It takes students from different universities and asks them to work as a group towards one goal. Business partners are picked carefully, and are matched with the right kind of student group. As far as the work goes, Certification Point emphasizes the proper procedure of working in a real work environment. Companies are allowed to follow up on how projects are coming along, and each student is asked to keep communications open between each other.

Specialized MBA Sites

Generally, freelance websites accommodate every kind of student and employee. Some other companies have taken it upon themselves to create a different kind of work platform. The need for specialized services has never been at a low; companies understand the need for specific kinds of services. For MBAs and those that work in finance, here are a few sites you should definitely check out.

For starters, SkillBridge offers an extensive category of job postings. They can range from market research all the way to financial models. Hourly Nerd, on the other hand, works with MBAs from across the globe, but only offers part time analysis and research jobs. Of course, this is great news for students that need take on heavier loads at school. MBA Project Search works a lot simpler, but also reaches across the globe for all MBA students. Terms of payment are discussed between each party. Potential business partners can opt for free posts or pay $10 to feature their posts on the main page. Lastly, Whale Path deals in two specific fields; finance and general business dealings. Whale Path also specializes in market research, competitive intelligence, and trend analysis. Usually, payments are sent out on a weekly basis.

All of these sites are great for the student freelancer but are still separated by certain restrictions. Some of these sites are only available in certain countries, while others require payment. Really, it’s a mix and match, so take the time to research and find the right one for you. If you do try one out, let us know your experience, good or bad in the comments below.

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