Worksnaps Now Integrates with Axosoft

We are happy to announce that Worksnaps now integrates with Axosoft‘s scrum tool. Axosoft provides a complete set of development tools including scrum, bug tracker, wiki and help desk. Its scrum tool lets project managers and developers visually see each task, requirement, defect and incident in the system on individual filing cards through the Scrum planning board.

Axosoft Scrum Tool

In Worksnaps, now users can import the following objects from their Axosoft projects into Worksnaps as tasks:

  • Defects
  • Features
  • Tasks
  • Incidents

Then users can use Worksnaps’ visual time tracking tool to log time against those tasks. This provides the convenience to manage the scrum items in Axosoft and log time against them in Worksnaps.

In Worksnaps, all you need to do is to go “Profile & Settings” >> “3rd Party Integration”, then you can find the section where you can configure the credentials for communicating with your Axosoft account and subsequently importing Defects/Features/Tasks/Incidents from Axosoft into Worksnaps.

Integration with Axosoft

If you happen to use Axosoft for your development work, give the new integration a try on Worksnaps. As usual, we look forward to your feedback and suggestions.


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