Eat Your Way To A More Productive You

We’ve known for some time now that what we eat generally makes us to an extent what we are. Every human being is a biological system that is built and maintained by the basic types of fuel that we allow into our systems. We are unlike a mechanical machine though that has no say in the fuel that’s dumped into it. We all have a choice in the nutrition that we partake in. The diet that we build our lives on has a profound effect on us. Hence the saying, you are what you eat. According to Psychology Today, we have a chance of building a better version of ourselves all from the gut up. Eating right helps you work better, think better and play better. Here are some specific healthy choices that you might consider for working in a traditional office environment, out on the road, or one of the trendy new work from home (WFH) setups.

Maintaining your chemistry maintains your mental machinery. Antioxidants help your mind plus your body functioning at its finest peak. Research shows that a prime source for antioxidants comes from foods such as berries and nuts. You have a plethora of choices. From raspberries to strawberries to blueberries and don’t forget about walnuts and almonds or pistachios and hazelnuts. You have a world of nuts and berries to explore.

Sometimes mnemonics are not enough. Enhance your memory with some eggs. Your reaction time will benefit as well. Boiled or on the sunny side, your brain will love you a lot more after a meal of eggs. Getting your dose of Omega 3 is paramount to brain functions as well. A good source is fish or flax seed. Either one will make sure your retention is primed for productivity.

Keep your brain young. Cells degrade overtime but certain foods interrupt this natural occurrence. Eating avocados, nuts and seeds will maintain the health of your brain’s cell membranes. Another benefit you’ll get is a more youthful appearance and boosted energy.

Think fast! Communication between neurons is vital to your mental health. Eating eggplants gives the zip your neurons need for you to stay sharp and alert. This chemical resides in the skin of the eggplant so don’t peel it rather, enjoy all of it.

A LOT of Broccoli never hurt anyone. In fact it does them a mountain of good by giving you that vitamin K that helps your cognitive functions. Steam it with a bit of olive oil or add some peas to it. Broccoli is also a great source of chlorophyll which is vital to functioning as well.

Ever heard of red cabbage? Well you should do more than hear about it and start eating it. It’s used to treat and defend against Alzheimer’s disease. You won’t be liable to forget that important meeting or that scheduled task. It’s surprising but red cabbage makes a great juice. Add in some apples and you’ll even get a better flavor.

Popeye is someone out of the fancy today but Spinach certainly isn’t so have some for yourself if you want to keep ticking along at a nice clip. It will help slow down brain aging and it also increases learning capacity and motor response. You’ll learn faster and your reflexes won’t be as slow. Both essential to productivity if you ask me.

You say ‘tomato’, I say ‘eat it’. The Lycopene found in tomatoes makes for good defense against Dementia. In addition, Lycopene is great for the skin. Now you can think better and look great all at the same time.

Fight mental fatigue and aging with some freshly made green tea. Forget the instant stuff. You will need the actual leaves to get this benefit going. Green tea also promotes and enhances memory. You will be able to work harder for longer plus your taking care of your control center. Win win.

Boost your immunity. Your productivity is only as good as your resilience against illness and disease. Get that vitamin boost you need. Step One. Get your C’s. Step Two. Chew down the A’s. Step Three. Don’t forget those E’s. Studies show that our diet is a prime source for our body’s defenses. The citrus family is a great source for the C’s and you can get the A’s from dark orange vegetables like carrots or pumpkins. Finally, get your E from vegetable oils. Nuts and seeds are a prime source but you can also get them from soy beans or corn.

Get creative with some dark chocolate. It’s hard to believe that something so yummy could actually be so good. Dark chocolate has been found to increase endorphin production in the brain which means you’ll be a happy camper. In addition, it also has a lot of flavanols which increases blood supply to the brain.

Oftentimes we work ourselves dizzy and our work output suffers from this. The perfect solution for this is having a bit of ginger. Boil it up and have it as a tea or you could mince it up and add it to your food. The zing will give your food that Asian cuisine flavor. Asides from curing your nausea, the ginger will help keep harmful inflammation down. An added benefit that doesn’t go unnoticed.

Overall, each type of food here will give one benefit or another but what we would like to emphasize is maintaining a wholesome diet that incorporates as many healthy and nutritious foods into your diet. This ensures that your productivity inside of the office and outside of it is at enviable levels. Creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle will ensure your health, happiness and success.

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