Announcing Teamwork Integration

teamwork-integrationWe are excited to announce that Worksnaps now works with Teamwork, which is a highly popular team and project management system featuring updated designs, high end functionality, as well as easy to use applications. Teamwork easily works on most all devices and is becoming one of the most highly utilized applications to get work done all around the world. There are now over 100,000 Teamwork teams worldwide and over 1,000,000 projects running

Teamwork is used by some of the largest and most recognized companies in the world including EA Sports, Paypal, Forbes, eBay and Disney to name a few. Teamworks’s top five core features are as follow:

  1. Getting stuff organized and done, through specific todos and calendar scheduling
  2. Team collaboration and client communication, all without overloading your email inbox
  3. Removing the stress out of running a business, which they talk often of accountability and knowledge which allows for the ability to make more informed decisions
  4. Integrations with others such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and Xero as well as many more.
  5. Customer happiness measurements, where Teamwork measures sentiment of their most recent customers.

Worksnaps integration with Teamwork allows for easy communication between these two great applications and provides the following features:

  • importing of existing projects from Teamwork to Worksnaps
  • time syncing, which allows users to push time and rich data, such as screenshots recorded, from Worksnaps into Teamwork projects

Teamwork users can expect a high quality layer of data related to time tracking, thru using this custom integration. Instead of just static time start and stop, one can read between the lines and see in a snapshot view what users are working and read what kinds of things are being done while on the clock.

More detailed information and specific step by step instructions can be read on this Teamwork Worksnaps Article.


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