Worksnaps Now Works with New Basecamp

Worksnaps has long been integrated with the original Basecamp (now called Basecamp Classic). We are happy to announce that Worksnaps now works with the new Basecamp. The new Basecamp was introduced by 37Signals earlier this year and is a completely redesigned version of the product. The last version of the product is now called Basecamp Classic.

One of the major changes of the new Basecamp is that it has a new set of API, which is not compatible with the Basecamp Classic API. The new API requires using OAuth2 to establish authentication. Worksnaps now has released a feature to integrate with the new Basecamp by using the new Basecamp API.

Where in Worksnaps can I find the integration with new Basecamp?

After you log onto Worksnaps, you can go to Profile & Settings >> 3rd Party Integration. Then you will see two integration options Basecamp (Classic) and Basecamp (new). Choose Basecamp (new) if you want to connect to the new Basecamp site (assuming that you have an account on the new Basecamp).

How to establish connection with new Basecamp?

Once you are on Basecamp (New) page in Worksnaps, choose “Yes” in the dropdown list to turn on the integration. Once the page is refreshed, you will see a link to allow you to get a authentication token from Basecamp. Clicking on the link will pop up a dialog box which brings you to the Basecamp site for authentication. Once you successfully authenticate with Basecamp, the integration with Basecamp has been established. Then you can use the next link to import projects and tasks (i.e. to-do’s) from Basecamp.

How about Basecamp Classic?

If you are still using Basecamp Classic, Worksnaps still works with it as before. You just need to go to Profile & Settings >> 3rd Party Integration >> Basecamp (Classic) to set up the integration. Nothing has changed except that it is now called Basecamp (Classic).

We hope that you find the integration with new Basecamp useful and look forward to your valuable feedback. Happy Time Tracking!


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