New Worksnaps API Documentation

We are happy to announce the availability of the new Worksnaps API documentation. As you might know, Worksnaps APIs have been available for more than 3 years. Many customers are utilizing the APIs to do useful and interesting things such as generating customized report, integrating with internal accounting system, embedding Worksnaps time tracking into their own business workflow, or building pages that are more adapted to their own interface framework.

We see APIs as an important part of our product offerings. Why? There is an abundance of software solutions, especially as SaaS offerings, available to businesses to improve productivity. Worksnaps participates in this ecosystem by providing a leading solution for remote work time tracking. Businesses will pick and choose best-of-breed and most fitting solutions for their specific needs. No one solution can solve all the problems. Therefore it requires many of these solutions to work together in complex business processes. An open and flexible API will be crucial to make this happen. That is why we put a lot of emphasis in designing and providing a robust and flexible set of APIs for our customers.


We use Swagger to create our new API documentation. Swagger is a powerful tool for generating beautiful API documentation. What is best about it is that you can test the API calls within the documentation. All you need to do is enter your API token and prepare necessary input data (if needed), then you can launch the API call right there. It is explained in How to Test API section in the documentation.

Also, one quick reminder — the API entry URL has been changed to as previously announced in this blog article. Please make any necessary adjustments in your programs where the API calls are issued.

We hope that this new API documentation will help you better understand how to use Worksnaps API and make use of it. As always, we will be happy to hear your feedback and suggestions.



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