How Much Does Your Commute Really Cost

When we look at traveling for our jobs, many of us drive long distances and think it’s “no big deal”. You might be a business owner who requires your employees to come from into the job from a neighboring city or town. Some people choose new jobs for the money but if you have to commute a long distance to that job, it might not really be saving you money after all. There are more expenses than just gas to take into the account, such as vehicle wear and tear and maintenance and the lost time spent driving when you could be doing other things.

Could your commute actually be costing you money? Mr. Money Mustache gives us a good explanation of this:

But this misconception about what is a reasonable commute is probably the biggest thing that is keeping most people in the US and Canada poor.

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Running a Business is a Lot like Parenting

No we don’t mean your employees are like babies; but there really are ways that running a business is like parenting. There are many parallels between the two and since many business owners are also parents, it can help in both departments to take a look at these parallels.
Some references have already been made to parenting like you would run a business. You need goals and objectives, a purpose and mission statement, rules and expectations and of course, an evaluation process. However, it’s not as often that we look at how being a parent can help us be a better business person.

The Start-Up Venture

Start-ups and being a parent are both complex, confusing and just crazy most of the time. You can look at your start-up like having a new baby in the house. He cries and we don’t always know what those cries mean. We have to play guessing games and do the process of elimination to sort out whether or not it’s a wet diaper or a tummy ache. But as time goes on, we get through the growing pains and we begin to build intuition about our businesses. We know what those cries signal and quite often, we’re able to prevent a potential problem before it gets to that stage with proper maintenance.
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