Be American, Hire Locally

In every U.S. community there are vacant houses, abandoned buildings and school buses that interesting people drive around as RVs, empty lots that once held neighborhood schools and playgrounds. Many would be encouraged to pick up everything including their American flag and move to one of the many crumbling cities while others are just abandoning ship… fleeing for employees outside of the United States. Well, who’s right? Is it un-American to hire overseas? Is it smart to hire Americans? When do you put your countries interest aside to keep your own ship sailing straight to the promise land? Lets take a look at these two hotly contested options.

The most obvious reason to hire overseas are lower wages, partially based on domestic employee wage laws and local standards of living, where the US has a median salary of $26,364. Compare this to a worldwide average of $1700 and where 2/3 of the world lives on $2 or less, granted many of them wouldn’t be too great at coding Ruby on Rails none-the-less turning a computer on. Bottom line, if you are looking to save money on employees, look overseas. The median US worker does bring home way more than most others but perhaps there are other intangible costs to add on to overseas employees.

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