Time Tracking for Community Managers and Social Media Professionals

When your job is to work with the community, post to forums and social media, and keep up to date on social media trends and activities, it can be hard to stay focused and not get lost in the sea of whatever is going on. Social media is a time sink. Few will deny that. So what do you do when your job is social media but you’re required to be productive rather than distracted?

There are some key methods of planning, goal-setting and time tracking that can help you be accountable for your time and what you spend it doing. When you enter social media, forums and other online communities, it’s very easy to get sucked into the nothingness of distractions when you work online but time tracking and a schedule with goals you can keep will help you avoid this.

The first thing you need is the commitment to reach your goals. If you’ve fallen into some poor habits, you might also need the willingness to change but it’s possible and it’s probably when you have the right tools.

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