How to Wisely Use Privacy Options

A frequently-raised concern about using Worksnaps to track time is about privacy. As time being tracked and screen shots being taken, how can one protect his privacy and make sure that manager sees his work but not his private information, such as the web pages he visited when taking a legitimate break from work to deal with the personal matters?

Allocate time to process your personal things

It sounds quite trivial, but this good habit goes a long way. Just like working in an office, it is important to form a habit to allocate a chunk of your time to do personal things such as making doctor’s appointment, checking how your kids are doing, replying personal emails and etc. By having the time allocated for those, you can focus on work and not get distracted since you know when you will get to your personal tasks. The same principal applies when you work remotely. When you use Worksnaps to log time, you focus on the work related tasks. When it’s time to do personal things, you can suspend logging time and screen shots.

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