Worksnaps Now Works with Asana

We are excited to announce that Worksnaps now works with Asana. Asana is a popular task management tool with modern design, adaptability and robust set of features. It provides a excellent combination of simplicity and power for personal and professional or group tasks, accessible anywhere.

Where in Worksnaps can I find the integration with Asana?

After you log onto Worksnaps, you can go to Profile & Settings >> 3rd Party Integration. Then you will see the integration option Asana at the far right.

Once you are on Asana page in Worksnaps, choose “Yes” in the dropdown list to turn on the integration. Then you can enter your Asana URL and API Key. To test the connection to the Asana server, you can click on the test link right beneath the API Key. Once you successfully test the connection, you can save the information and proceed with syncing projects and tasks from Asana.

Where do I find the Asana API Key

Usually you can find your Asana API Key in your Account Settings in the Asana web interface. Please see the following screen for an example.

After you have tested the connection with Asana using the Asana API Key, you can save the configuration. Then you can click the link at the bottom of the page “to sync projects and tasks from your Asana account”. A wizard will guide you through the process.


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