Worksnaps Now Supports Pivotal Tracker API V5

Worksnaps now works with Pivotal Tracker API V5, the newest API release from Pivotal. Pivital Tracker API V5 is an entirely new version of the API. It has switched the format from XML to JSON and has some modifications and enhancements to the last version V3. Worksnaps has now made the integration work with both the new V5 API as well as the old V3 API. We strongly encourage users to connect with the Pivotal Tracker using the V5 end-point. This can be set in Profile & Settings >> 3rd Party Integration >> Pivotal. You can simply set the Pivotal URL field to be (the old V3 URL is Everything else should stay the same and the integration should work seamlessly.

What is Pivotal Tracker?

Pivotal Tracker is a simple, story-based project management tool that allows software development teams to collaborate and react to feedback in real time. It practices proven agile methods based on real time collaboration, lightweight project management and continuous feedback loop.

With Pivotal Tracker, everyone shares the same, up to the minute view of what’s going on with the project, and what needs to be done next. It lets product owners know in intimate detail where things are, without having to ask, and lets developers spend time on work, rather than on reporting the work.

How does Worksnaps complement Pivotal Tracker?

Worksnaps can synchronize projects and stories from Pivotal Tracker and allow users to log time against them, therefore track exactly how much time has been spent on each story in a project. This information will be especially valuable if you have a distributed team because you not only see their status (which is reflected in the stories in Pivotal Tracker) as well as the amount of time and evidence of work associated with every story (which is captured in Worksnaps).

We hope that you find the integration with Pivotal Tracker useful and look forward to your valuable feedback. Happy Time Tracking!


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