New Report Features Released

We are excited to release a number of new report features to help users create and manage reports in a more flexible way. The new features include Static Report, Permalink for Report, and Sharing Report with Others. Here is a breakdown of these new features.

Static Report

Currently, our Quick Report and Saved Report are both dynamic in nature. That is, these reports are saved as queries and the data will be dynamically queried when the report is run. For example, I run a report “how much time have my users logged today?”. Depending on when you run the report, the result could be different because your users might still be logging time and some users might edit or delete their time. These reports reflect the most up-to-date information, which is very useful.

However, there are times that you want to take a snapshot of the live result and use it as a static copy for the purpose of such as generating bill or letting others see the very same data. Here is when the new Static Report comes in handy. You can generate a Static Report by saving the result from a Quick Report or Saved Report. There is a “Save as Static Report” button when displaying Quick Report or Saved Report and you can use it to create a Static Report. Once a Static Report is generated, the report’s data will not be changed anymore.

Save as Static Report

Save as Static Report

Perma link for a Saved Report and Static Report

If you want to share your report with others, using the permalink will be the easiest way. Under each Saved Report and the new Static Report, there shows the permalink to the report. You can just copy it and send it to the people you want to share with. Those who receive the permalink can use it to view the report without needing to have a Worksnaps account and logging into the system.

Permalink for Report

Permalink for Report

Share a report with internal or external users

As described above, using permalink is a good way to do ad-hoc sharing of a report. Beyond that, we provide a more systematic way to share a report. For each Saved Report and Static Report, there is a “Share with Others” button. Clicking the button will bring up a dialog box which allows you to select which Worksnaps users (those who you work with in your projects) you want to share the report with. You can also specify external emails you want to share the report with. Once you commit the share operation, the designated users will receive an email about the report shared with them. For internal users, they will see the shared report in their Saved Report or Static Report page, depending on the type of shared report. For external users, they will simply receive an email with a permalink to the report.

Share a Report with Others

Share a Report with Others

Here is what a user whom a report is shared with sees.

Shared Report

Shared Report

We hope that you find these new report features useful. We already eagerly listen to feedback from our users. If you have any thought, we will be glad to hear it.

Happy Time Tracking!


2 thoughts on “New Report Features Released

  1. I really like the new Worksnaps but unfortunately, for the Worksnaps used by my company, it is still showing the old one. But for the free one that I am using for another project, it’s the new one. Will our old account get the new look and features too?

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