Introducing Advanced Calendar View

We are happy to announce a new feature called Advanced Calendar View. We have been hearing requests from customers about needing a way to see team member’s time and activity side-by-side. This way, it is easy to visualize how they spent time comparing with each others. We have developed an interface quite like Google Calendar that displays the time and tasks that the team members have worked.

In the Advanced Calendar View, each team member’s logged time is displayed in different colors for easy identification. The contiguous time span that a user has worked on the same task is displayed as a block, annotated with start time, end time and task name. You can choose between a Daily view or a Weekly view, and you can scroll backward and forward the time window. In addition, you can conveniently choose different users and different time zones to display the data.

They are many benefits of using the calendar view other than easy visualization of the team’s time and activity. For example, in one particular case, a manager needs to see how his distributed work force overlaps in terms of work hours. In another case, a manager wishes to see how his employees spend “time blocks” on various tasks and how frequently they switch between them. These just a few examples.

You can access the Advanced Calendar by going into your project and find the link “Advanced Calendar View” on the “Project Space” page.

We hope that you find the the new feature useful and as usual we look forward to your feedback.


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