1 Million Hours Tracked!

We are happy to announce that Worksnaps has surpassed 1,000,000 HOURS tracked on its system. This is definitely an exciting milestone for us. One million certainly sounds like an cool number.
Looking back at how we get here, we have come a long way to provide one of the most practical, user friendly and feature rich time track solutions for remote work. Thousands of users are now using Worksnaps to
accurately track time, improve productivity and make remote work more successful. We would like to thank them for trusting us and giving us so many valuable feedback and suggestions.

One million hours is an important milestone. Yet, it is very small comparing to the hours other services claim. It is a paltry 2% of the 51 million hours clocked on Toggl. It is an even more insignificant 0.5% of the 200 million hours entered on ClickTime. SO WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL?

One thing we are sure of — each hour logged on Worksnaps is not equal to that logged on other systems. An hour of time logged on Worksnaps is not just the start and end timestamps plus a line of description. It is much more than that. It also includes 6 screen shots, mouse and keyboard volume in each minute of the hour, the applications used in each minute, and optionally a webcam image. As a result, each hour of logged time contains abundant evidence to show that the user has actually worked on the tasks he claims to have worked on. In the case of a remote contractor working for you from another continent, isn’t this more assuring to you than just seeing a number and a line of description saying what he has done?

With that said, we know that a million hours is just a start and we have many more to go. We will not get carried away with self congratulations (we might have a beer or two :). Nor will we go out of way to ponder what one million hours could mean (other than this interesting yet ironic fact). We have a humble beginning and we will stay humble. In the coming months, we will be working hard to improve the quality of our service, develop useful new features, and most importantly make sure that we listen to our customers and deliver what they really need.


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