Delegate Managing Projects to Other User(s)

In many cases, the owner of a Worksnaps account is also the person who manages projects and places users into the projects. In other cases, an account owner might not be the same person who manages projects and users. For example, a finance manager creates a Worksnaps account and sets up the payment for the service, however the responsibility of setting up projects and users belongs to another person in the organization. In this scenario, the account owner can delegate managing projects and users to other people, while projects created by the a delegated person are still owned by the account owner therefore accounted towards the owner’s subscription quota.

Here is how to delegate managing projects to another user.

  • Go to Manage >> Manage Users
  • Edit the user whom you want to delegate
  • Select Basic Info tab on the left
  • You will see an option “Allow this user to create project on behalf of myself“. You can turn on the option.



Once this is done, the user (in the above example, Jane Stein) can create projects on your behalf. You can delegate up to 3 such users.

Here is how Jane Stein sees when she is trying to create a project. She will have a drop-down list to choose whether she wants to create a project for herself or for Jack Spear who allowed her to create project on his behalf.



You can now blur screen shot images

Sometimes screen shots contain certain sensitive information and you want to have extra protection over them. Worksnaps now has a feature to allow you to blur the captured screen shot before being transmitted to the server. The blurred screen shot images will make it not possible to recognize the regular size texts, most typically texts with fonts of size 10-pt to 13-pt.  This provides an added level of security while keeping screen shot monitoring useful.

As a manager of a project, you can turn on the image blurring option for a user. The followings are the steps how to do it.

  • Go to Manage tab and select Manage Projects.
  • Go to Users tab, then go to User Settings in Project for a target user.
  • In the middle of the User Settings page, you will find an option “Blur the screen shot images“. Check it to enable image blurring.
  • Click Save Changes button to save the setting for the user.

Once this is done, the user will send the blurred screen shot images to the server.


Here is an example of the blurred image comparing to the original for illustration purpose.

Screen shot before being blurredscreenshot_non_blurred

Screen shot after being blurred (and sent to the server)screenshot_blurred

We hope that you find this feature useful. Please send us any feedback or question and we always look forward to hearing from you.

Worksnaps client upgrade

We are currently rolling out the upgrade to Worksnaps client to our users. The new client provides enhanced functionality and better stability. Based on the current version that you are using, you might be required to upgrade. In such case, upon logging in, you will see a message that prompts you to upgrade Worksnaps client. The following is an example.

If you see such message, you can click the link in the dialog window and you will be brought to a page where you can download the newest version of Worksnaps client. You can simply download the new client program, uninstall your current Worksnaps client, then install the newly downloaded one. All it takes should be less than 5 minutes.

Here is a help link on how to uninstall a program on Windows:

If you have any question, feel free to open a ticket or send your question to [email protected]



Webcam capturing now works on MAC

Webcam capturing has been supported for Worksnaps Client on Windows for quite a while. We are glad to announce that webcam image capturing is now available for Worksnaps Client on MAC. If you use MAC, you now have an option to turn on the webcam capturing so that a webcam shot is taken along with each screen shot and sent to the server. You can click on the Worksnaps icon on the menu bar (usually at the top right), a menu will show up. You can select “Preferences” to bring up the Preferences dialog. On the Preferences dialog, you will see an check box that allows you to turn on the webcam capturing. Here is an illustration.

Screen Shot 2015-01-01 at 11.36.28 PM









Screen Shot 2015-01-01 at 11.37.08 PM












Having a webcam image taken can provide further proof that you are working in front of the computer. It is completely optional and you can turn it on if it is required by your manager or you feel necessary to do so.

As usual, we look forward to hearing your feedback and opinions on this new feature.

Worksnaps now works with Trello

We are happy to announce that Worksnaps now works with Trello. Trello is a dead simple and easy-to-use (and free) tool for organizing anything with anyone. With Trello, you can create boards to organize anything you’re working on. On each board, you can create Trello cards to keep track of your to-dos.

You can now import the Trello boards into Worksnaps as Projects and import Trello cards into Worksnaps as Tasks. Once you have done that, you will be able to use Worksnaps to log time against the Trello boards and cards. For those users who use Trello as their project management tool, you will find it convenient to use the best of Trello and Worksnaps, making your project management even more powerful.

To integrate with Trello in Worksnaps, you can go to “Profile & Settings” >> “3rd Party Integration“, you will find the Trello section where you can configure your Trello credential and link with your Trello account. Then you will be import your Trello boards and cards into Worksnaps and start tracking time against them.


For a detailed description on how to set up the integration, you can look up this help document.

We hope that you find the Trello integration useful and look forward to hearing your feedback.

You can now set Weekly Limit for your projects and users

hourglassWhen you work with remote contractors, many things might catch you by surprises. For example, your contractor lose her internet connection and cannot get online. This does happen more often than you think in some countries where home internet connection is spotty at best. And she cannot simply go out to nearby Starbucks or McDonald’s to work with free WiFi because they simply don’t have Starbucks or McDonald’s around. Not to say that remote contractors usually do a bad job, it is just the inherent nature of remote work that could more likely result in such surprises. At Worksnaps, we always keep this in mind. Therefore we design our product to control such surprises and make remote work more accountable which is to the benefits of both the employer and the contractor side.

One of the most common requirements from our customers is to be able to set a limit on how much time a contractor can work each week. This allows them to allocate the workload and control the budget. Now Worksnaps has provided flexible ways for you to do that. You can now set a weekly limit in number of hours for a project and/or a weekly limit for a user. Let’s call them Project Weekly Limit and User Weekly Limit respectively. A Project Weekly Limit controls how many hours your users in a specific project can altogether work in each week. A User Weekly Limit caps the number of hours a user can log in all your projects. These two settings give you convenient ways to budget your time allocation based on your organizational structure.

8985So what will happen if weekly limit is reached? Let’s use an example to illustrate. You have a project in which 3 users are working and you set a weekly limit of 120 hours for it. Once a week starts (usually Sunday), the users can start logging time against this limit. Let’s say when Friday comes along, and the three users have logged 45 hours, 40 hours, 35 hours respectively. The weekly limit of the project has been reached. Then the users will receive a message in their Worksnaps client telling them that the project’s weekly has been reached and they cannot log time to the project anymore. They have to switch to another project (if any) or they have to stop working. They won’t be able to start logging to the project until the upcoming Sunday when the weekly limit is reset.

Weekly limit for a user works in a similar way. Say you have a user who is working in three different projects owned by you, and you have a budget of 40 hours a week for the user. Once the user has reached 40 hours of logged time in your three projects, she will be presented a message telling her that she cannot log time to your projects anymore. She has to stop working until the next weekly cycle starts.

You can use User Weekly Limit in junction with Project Weekly Limit to achieve finer control if you feel it is necessary. If both Project Weekly Limit and User Weekly Limit are set, whichever has been reached first will take affect.

This feature looks quite straight forward from outside, but there are a lot of things happening under the hood to make it happen. The intelligence needs to be built into the client and the back-end to support this feature. We have been working on this for quite a while and we are happy to make it available for use now.

There are a couple of articles in our knowledge base that can help you to get started with this feature:
Please feel free to give it a spin and let us know what you think. As always, we would like to hear any comment, feedback and opinion from you.

Worksnaps Now Integrates with Axosoft

We are happy to announce that Worksnaps now integrates with Axosoft‘s scrum tool. Axosoft provides a complete set of development tools including scrum, bug tracker, wiki and help desk. Its scrum tool lets project managers and developers visually see each task, requirement, defect and incident in the system on individual filing cards through the Scrum planning board.

Axosoft Scrum Tool

In Worksnaps, now users can import the following objects from their Axosoft projects into Worksnaps as tasks:

  • Defects
  • Features
  • Tasks
  • Incidents

Then users can use Worksnaps’ visual time tracking tool to log time against those tasks. This provides the convenience to manage the scrum items in Axosoft and log time against them in Worksnaps.

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New Worksnaps Reporting: Chart and Calendar View

One drawback of working with spreadsheets is muddling through the data and trying to understand everything in confusing numbers and figures. The engineering team at Worksnaps have addressed this issue with a visual workaround, now available to all who are interested in fixing these problems of visualizing large amount of data. Worksnaps is excited to announce new reporting features to its existing suite of tools that are available to our clients. With these added reporting features, our clients are more easily able to keep up-to-date with their team’s performance and productivity.


The chart view is altogether a different kind of animal. This next reporting feature lets you quickly assimilate your team’s or an individual’s activity through the use of easy to understand charts. While using this reporting feature, the client is simultaneously shown three graphs. Each graph contains three different types of information. The bar chart shows you every team member’s number of minutes logged. This chart helps you zero in on individuals and their performance. The next chart, a pie chart, combines all the information in the first bar chart and then unifies it. This helps you compare see the performance of your team as a whole. The last chart, also a pie chart, summarizes your team’s offline and online minutes.

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Announcing Teamwork Integration

teamwork-integrationWe are excited to announce that Worksnaps now works with Teamwork, which is a highly popular team and project management system featuring updated designs, high end functionality, as well as easy to use applications. Teamwork easily works on most all devices and is becoming one of the most highly utilized applications to get work done all around the world. There are now over 100,000 Teamwork teams worldwide and over 1,000,000 projects running Continue reading

Mouse Over Zoom

We’ve made it now much easier for users to access screenshots. Simply mouse over the screen shot you are interested in seeing more detail of and instantly be provided a much larger preview of the image. Alternatively, just like before you can click on the blue magnifying glass to see the full version of the image.

Zoom Screenshot

Just another way to simply see the time that is being recorded with Worksnaps remote team management.

We look forward to your comments below if you appreciate this upgrade (or not).